Tract Map

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Tract Maps are slightly more complex than parcel maps but the process is essentially the same. The tract map process consists of a tentative and final map. The tentative map will show the boundary and topographic information of the area being subdivided. Once the tentative map is approved the final map is submitted showing the property boundary resolution, the parcels being subdivided along with any existing or proposed easements and the points that were found or set during the survey. The final map will also show any offers of dedication including public streets.A Tract Map is one of the processes used to subdivide real property into smaller lots. A tract map subdivides large parcels of land into smaller lots of marketable title. Typically, the tract map is used to create five (5) or more residential lots. The tract map shows the subdivision of land into lots for sale and is recorded in the County Recorder’s Office. The Professional Land Surveyors at Bedrock have years of experience in producing and filing tract maps with local departments.

A tract map is created under the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act. The Subdivision Map Act establishes the time period for a subdivision map to be recorded or expired. A tentative tract map must be reviewed and approved by the local planning department.