Topographic Survey

Topographic Surveys are generally conducted when the property owner/industrial owner is intending to make some alterations in the land. Topographic surveys may be required by a governmental agency, or may be used by engineers and/or architects for design of improvements or developments on a site. The professionals at Bedrock Engineering have years of experience in conducting topographic surveys to their clients’ needs. A topographic survey determines the location of both natural and man-made features, such as buildings, improvements, fences, land contours, trees, streams, etc., of the land along with its elevations. This type of survey may be required by a government agency but it is mostly used by engineers and/or architects for the design of improvements or developments on a site. Sometimes, these surveys are used to design an optimal plan for drainage, ditches, grading and other features.  Engineering and other professionals often require Topographic Surveys before their design work can even begin.

A topographic survey provides a client with the exact figures of the size, height, and position of any natural or man-made features on a parcel of land. A topographic map is used to depict terrain relief showing ground elevation, usually through either contour lines or spot elevations. The map represents the horizontal and vertical positions of the features represented. The scale of the topographic survey is determined by the needs of the client; a smaller contour interval may result in more field measurements and a higher cost for the client.

Technological advances have made Topographic mapping much more efficient and accurate. Thanks to advances in survey techniques, instrumentation, design and printing technologies, and the use of aerial photography, drone and satellite data, today it is possible to make 3D topographic digital and interactive maps that show the entirety of a landscape: mountains, rivers, roads, buildings, and more, in amazing detail. This data can then be used by engineers in AutoCAD programs, and the clients themselves can easily see how the topography of the parcel will change after the planned changes.